Born in Machida, Tokyo. He started playing the trumpet at the age of 9 and electric bass at the age of 14. Studied trumpet with Yasuhiko Ueki (TokyoCityPhil), harmony and composition with Shinichi Takanami (Kunitachi College of Music) and Hiroshi Ninomiya (Tokai University). In 1999, he passed the Berklee College of Music asian scholarship audition and entered the school. Studied bass with Anthony Vitti and composition with Dick Lowell. Graduated from the Jazz Composition Department in 2001.


After returning to Tokyo, JAPAN, he produced BGM for video at a music production company. He also performed as a bass player and trumpet player. After working as a part-time instructor at music college, he became a full-time instructor at Tokai University in 2008.



He is currently an associate professor at The School of Humanities and Culture, Tokai University. Also serves as an instructor in the music course of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. His specialty is composition and history of JAZZ. Major classes include "jazz music and history", "improvisation", and "computer music" using DAW. Since 2014 he has also been teaching public lectures on JAZZ in the metropolitan area.



April 2020. Due to changes in the social situation of COVID-19, I started a project called "Connecting Rooms" that connects my room to a musician's room far away. It is a telework session based on multiple recording instead of real time processing. I hope you enjoy my telework-music. Please check also my youtube channel.